This year every supporter of the artist could see their favorite artist both on TV, where the star will host an excellent show starting from this autumn, and LIVE as he launches a tour which will take place this spring. Except the forthcoming Taylor Hicks TV show, which will be seen by millions this fall, the star has an intention to entertain his fans with a number of concerts during his forthcoming tour around US cities this spring.

We paid the special attention to highlight all major events in the nearest future connected with star’s career and gathered full information about his the private life and musical achievements.

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Taylor Hicks Tour 2017

What should you know about Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks bio

If you ask who is one of the most beloved winners ever won American Idol shows during seasons of its existence, lots of people answer that it’s Taylor Hicks. The singer and restaurateur was born on October 07, 1976. He became famous thanks to the fifth season of this highly popular show in The United States. His music is full of R&B sound combined with notes of country music and blues. The show was extremely popular and over 63 million spectators gave their votes for Hicks. Before participation in the show, the singer succeeded in releasing two previous albums: in 1997 and 2005. After participating in the show the musician recorded a well-known track Do I Make You Proud. It took the singer less than 3 weeks to release the single, which reached #1 of top charts in the country. 2006 were really successful year for the artist. That year he won the title of the hottest bachelor according to People. A little bit later the world could enjoy his debut album, which had a striking success and became Platinum.

Hicks also played on Broadway’s performance Grease. Together with other cast he run on national tour visiting lots of cities in North America and Canada. When it comes to Taylor Hicks Las Vegas became a home for him since 2012. In the city he decided to take part in Caesars entertaining program.

The musician spent his childhood in Birmingham and exactly this place he chose to open the restaurant. The occasion happened in 2011 and it’s called ORE Drink&Dine. Now it is called Saw’s Juke Joint. There every visitor can enjoy both stunning live music performances and incredibly delicious barbecue.

It was possible to see the artists singing with such well-known musicians and bands like Snoop Dogg, Earth Wind and a great number of others.

Taylor Hicks in American Idol

The singer started participating in the show since 2005. Firstly the future winner passed the audition in Las Vegas. And on May, 10 the next year he was chosen in Top 3 becoming one of the finalists in the show. After two weeks he won the show and the final show was watched by over 200 million spectators all around the world. From this number more than 63 million supported the singer. Lots of people are interested how old is he and actually he was 29 when won one of the most popular and most watched entertainment programs in the USA, which made him the oldest contestant.

Spring Tour Dates in 2017

This spring the musician goes on the road with new concerts. Overall his tour includes 11 stunning concerts. To launch the tour the artist chose Wilkesboro, where he will sing on April, 06. The next day the singer will appear in Charlotte and right after that he will give an incredible concert in Atlanta. On April, 12 Hicks is going to visit Milwaukee. After three days the musician will perform in Birmingham, which will be the last concert in April. His May shows will start in Fort Myers. After that from May, 12 till May, 14 the artist is intended to play three nights in Honolulu and for this purpose he chose Blue Note Hawaii. On May, 18 Hicks will travel to Chicago with stunning entertainment event. The tour will be wrapped up in Minneapolis on May, 19.

Taylor Hicks albums

Before his participation in American Idol he presented two albums in 1997 and 2005. During his music career he released three studio albums and one compilation album. His debut album was shown the public in 2006 right after his winning American Idol. In two years the world saw his second album Early Works. In 2009 the singer together with Arista records released The Distance.